Disk Aid: System Cleaner App Reviews

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Perfect tool !

This software does exactly what it is expected to do, and in a perfect way. I particularly the Disk Cleaner function, as well as the Privacy Guard which eliminates all cookies and surf traces absolutely unwanted, and the Applications uninstaller. This software runs very smoothly, and is absolutely compatible with the latest OS (El Capitan). Congratulations to the developper !

very useful

this app is doing the job, simply and the tree map for the detection of big folders is excellent

Super app

- could for the first time monitor live and online the desastrous performance of Deutsche Telekom internet on my imac - freed up and cleaned GB of unnecessary storage space - removed malware and safari „junk“ to increase safari performance significantly


It would be nice to have the % of what is done!!

seems to have improved performance...

haven’t any issues. System seems to run better now.


Cannot use this expensive badly designed software, states select user folder then ceases to function. Totally useless and a waste of money.

Not worth the money

This is an extremely basic app. For $20, I expected lot more from it. There are free apps that does essentially the same.

Useless. Dont waste the money. Try CleanMyMac 3

Very basic app. Half of the function not working. Waste of money!!!! no customer support. 50% of offer there for a long time to cheat customers!!!!

Parts of App Do NOT WORK

The application only shows the mapping and nothing else. I sent an e-mail about the parts than do not work and still have not heard back. I am running the latest version of OS, so I am assuming they haven’t addressed this yet. Waste of money.

great app

functional-easy to use—efficient—for disk cleaning and memory optimization—duplicate file removal is a little less efficient—but overall its beauty rests with its ease of use

gives false battery percentage

This tool is not it’s said to be it give false percentages on battery life tested this with new pc and old and it gave same reading . guess you need a tweak update for that option… the problem is the battery health is not giving correct readings. junk app sorry.

Doesnt work!

It wont even connect to any fikles, disk, noting. tell me has 128 free gb and all this but cant do anything about. wow $15 to look at a screen telling me eveything i know and still cant fix it!!!

good for older Mac’s.

I am a relatively recent user of this app and find it great to tidy up files in my somewhat older iMac (2009). It is definitely good to have some old and duplicate files ID’d and removed. This helps me to get to that point. Thanks, Disk Aid.

Disk Aid

Complete waste of $$$$. Half of the time it crashes my Start up and the other half it Slows my startup to a crawl!

Great App

I got tired of surgically removing deleted app remnents, so I needed this app to remove some shotty apps and the tenticles of files they embedded into my system.

Almost useless

Most functions don’t work or work poorly. For instance, to use the Disk Cleaner you have to select a User folder, for some reason. I don’t want to clean a User folder, I want to clean a disk. One would think that’s why it says “Disk” cleaner. Unfortunately, if your user folder is not on the boot drive, this DOES NOT work at all. You select the folder and get beeped at and return to the “Select User Folder” window. “Disk View” doesn’t work either. According to it, all my boot drives only have three random files on them. Completely useless.

waste of time and money

it is just a wast of time and money, the app does not fuction as described. it does not complete the scan on duplicated file, just freezes. does not show all apps on my macbook. some apps I want to delete it does not appeares on the scanned window, does not help at all. I wish I know how to ask for a refund and just delete this app.

all around good

I like everything these guys develop for Mac people. This is a great all around system check and cleaner.Yea! the PROBLEM, is that it jams up every time on duplicates at 135,000. It clogs up my entire Mac and I have to shut down to start over. You must fix this duplicate finder glitch as it is the one thing that really drops my feelings about the safety of using it.

Nice suite of tools, one of the better duplicate searches I’ve used

The duplicate finder in this application is smart enough to search throughout the entire drive, vs. comparing two known folders. Handy for finding random locations where files have been backed up repeatedly, or finding multiple instances of the same installer across a variety of folders. Between that and the disk cleaner funtion I’d say the utility is worth it. The Dashboard feature is OK, but doesn’t really offer info you can’t get via other means. (if the network In/Out would show you *what* is using the in/out bandwidth, that would make it 100 times more useful.) I’m just playing around with “Disk View” now, it’s basically a prettier version of the free “Disk Inventory X” tool. The privacy guard feels like a marketing gimick more than being actually useful. Almost anything it provides can be done within the apps themselves if you’re interested, but it’s a nice place to clear out info for half a dozen apps. at once. (Finder, browsers, Mail, Preview, Quicktime) The App. uninstaller also seems like it won’t be useful that often, but finding the orphaned files left behind by an old app. might prove useful on occasion. Overall though you get a lot of bang for your buck with this app., especially while it’s on sale.

Made my Mac faster and saved me 30gb of space!

Great value app that saved me a ton of space on my Mac’s SSD drive by removing duplicate photos from iPhoto and helping me find old media files that were no longer needed. Works great even on my Mac from 2011. Highly recommend for Mac users who want to keep their machine in tip top condition.

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